The best cancer is…


woman sparkler…Well there isn’t one. But when I started to think about what to title this site and my first post, I decided on The Best Cancer and immediately imagined the different types of cancer fighting it out and moving up in their brackets March Madness style. I tend to personify inanimate objects so this was no surprise that I could visualize Thyroid Cancer battling to the end to be name “The Best Cancer.” So, what do I mean by the best cancer? Well, it’s somewhat my light hearted attempt at a funny play on words and how I want to eventually structure this site (i.e. The Best Cancer… Support/Nutrition/Research/etc), but also a way to turn a very hurtful comment into something very meaningful.

When I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in early December 2015, I was told by the doctor that, “if there’s a cancer that you want, it’s this one.” Why do I want any cancer? Another statement made was, “if you were to choose a cancer, thyroid cancer would be the one to choose.” Okay… why would anyone ever have the opportunity to choose their cancer? “Yes, God since you have informed me that you will be blessing me with this life-changing event called cancer, I would like to choose Thyroid Cancer because I have been told that’s the best one to have!” Right…

I’m naturally a researcher and lover of information, meaning I look up everything and I like to be educated on a topic as much as possible. So upon doing my internet research, I encountered many survivors of Thyroid Cancer stating that they were also told that they have the “best” or the “easiest” cancer. Wow, that’s incredibly hurtful. Why would another human being think it’s okay to say that to someone dealing with a serious illness? While the friends, family and acquaintances that surround me in life, have been supportive in general, I was also confronted with this sentiment of Thyroid Cancer being easily treatable and kind of no big deal. I can tell you from my short experience and from reading the stories of other individuals going through this, that there is no best cancerAll cancer needs some type of treatment, has symptoms of it’s own, and is unique to the person and family that it’s affecting.

With this site, I seek to document my journey and work on my own physical and emotional healing. And in a broader sense, I would love to be a source of support, information, healing and possibly some humor to others in the process.




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