Nerf darts everywhere

blue nerf dartsAnyone with little boys knows that nerf darts can be found anywhere and everywhere. And they’ll be found months after the original battle that lodged them in the smallest crevices of your home. I’ve spent so much time saying “pick up your darts,” “there’s more over here,” “found some more,” etc. etc. So after sleeping until 2pm today because I’m so physically and mentally drained, I woke up to darts here and there (and everywhere). A nerf battle must have ensued while I slept. I’ve really been trying to use my coping skills, since as a counselor I tell everyone else to use them! (hopefully some of these will be included on this site soon) So I took a deep breath and thought about my response before I spoke. Then it hit me- not literally, the darts were not flying at this point- someday I’m going to miss picking these things up. I love having little boys (and one man-size boy). And finding nerf darts in the couch, all over the stairs, and behind each and every piece of furniture is the “side effect” of having these wonderful, stinky, sweet boys. It is exhausting dealing with the side effects of the removal of my thyroid, thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, etc. but today I’m trying to focus on the side effects of a much more pleasant part of my life. And today that means nerf darts all over. Maybe it’s a blessing that I’m too tired to pick them up, it’s just a reminder of how much love surrounds me.

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