Light through branches

light-through-branches3You know when you lay down on the grass in the summer and look up at the trees? How you see the tree branches and leaves, and the light beyond? I see that as a metaphor for life. That the trees, leaves and branches are our struggles, battles, and hardships. But the light is always there, even when we can barely see it. It may get dark, especially at night when the light goes away all together, but beyond our barriers there is always hope. And our “branches” can even be beautiful if we choose to look at them that way. Even though they are blocking the light, they make the light even more bright when it is revealed.

2 thoughts on “Light through branches

  1. Julie this is an awesome perspective!!! It looks beautiful from the picture but going through it makes us lose focus on the beauty. The light through the branches is crafted so beautifully that you are almost made to feel hopeful.

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