_DSC0023When I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in early December 2015, I was told by the doctor that, “if there’s a cancer that you want, it’s this one. My question was “Why do I want any cancer?”

Upon doing some internet research, I encountered many survivors of Thyroid Cancer stating that they were also told that they have the “best” or the “easiest” cancer. This sparked my interest as I was ecstatic to have the best cancer! Why would I expect anything less! That was sarcasm if you weren’t sure. This idea that there is an easy or best cancer struck me as so funny, but it also inspired me to want to respond. So my idea is to compile some writings and information that will hopefully help document my journey towards healing and possibly help others.

A note to those interested: there’s much more to my story than my recent cancer diagnosis as I’ve had health struggles for 10+ years. I’ve been seeking an accurate diagnosis and course of treatment for so many years that I went through periods of time when I just gave up. Like so many others that have autoimmune disorders, I’ve been given so many diagnoses that I don’t even know what I have anymore!

So for now I define myself as a mom, counselor, artist, and woman who is seeking physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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