At least you didn’t lose your hair.

    Yes. At least I didn’t lose all my hair, only significant clumps every time I comb it. A┬áside effect of thyroid issues and cancer. At least my cancer is invisible to you. At least you don’t have to see the devastating effects of having a type of cancer that doesn’t respond to chemotherapy. I don’t expect everyone to understand the ins and outs … Continue reading At least you didn’t lose your hair.

Nerf darts everywhere

Anyone with little boys knows that nerf darts can be found anywhere and everywhere. And they’ll be found months after the original battle that lodged them in the smallest crevices of your home. I’ve spent so much time saying “pick up your darts,” “there’s more over here,” “found some more,” etc. etc. So after sleeping until 2pm today because I’m so physically and mentally drained, … Continue reading Nerf darts everywhere